Only $199 for 48 cm/51 cm Fixed Gear frame with fork


Closeout Track Frame and Fork only $199.  The frame is powder coated clear.  Fork is black.  Natural lcromo frame tubing and clear coated.   


The deal with this one is I had some large 34.9 cromo sitting around and just enough to make a small track frame.  Super strong, stiff, and not super light with this bigger steel tubes.  Also used up some thicker seat stays to go all in on strong.  Made a custom seat shim to reduce it down to common 27.2 seat post and I have a 34.9 collar that I will throw in if you need one.   


The frame specs are:   48 cm seat tube to top and 51 effective top tube.  74 head tube, 76 seat angle, short rear around 38.5 cm so tire can be right on seat tube when all way forward.  Rear brake bridge and three cable guides under top tube.  68 BB use and 120 track spacing.  27.2 seat post use and 34.9 collar use.  Head tube is 116 mm long.  Takes 1-1/8 headset/fork.  Comes with Origin 8 track fork.  This fork axle to crown length is made for this frame and a shorter fork is not recommended.   

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