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Rolling Mouse Pad

The Rolling Mouse Pad allows easier use of a computer mouse, particularly if you have any hand pain.  The hand rests on a lightweight 3.5” diameter plastic disc that has four lightweight rolling plastic balls attached.  Included are two 3.5” diameter thin white pads, for more comfort, that rest on the surface of the plastic.  

You place the Rolling Mouse Pad near the mouse where your hand normally rest, and place your hand on the pad and use the mouse normally. Your hand rolls around easily. Rest your palm on the pads closer to your thumb area so fingers are free to use the mouse as normal. For additional comfort, you may use a small bead or gel pad (not included) on top of the pads as shown in the picture (blue pad).

In order to protect your desk surface, and to make the device roll smoothly, you must use a hard mouse pad. The price includes a large Allsop® Accutrack Slimline Mouse Pad, or similar hard pad.

I have been refining this product after carpal tunnel surgery and pain. This product reduces pain associated with overcoming friction on a stable surface. The elbow and shoulder can be used for more gross movements and fine movements of the wrist are more accurate and less painful. It takes only a very little practice to get used to the advantages.

Everyone who has used the Rolling Mouse Pad for any time finds regular mouse use slow, less accurate, and more difficult. The Rolling Mouse Pad is ideal for the gamers who want smooth and faster mouse use. The box is large with the hard pad, and USA shipping is $12. Contact us for shipping cost for orders outside of Continental USA.